Success is a Journey. Let’s go!

During my first six weeks of joining FLEX as Head of Outreach and Marketing, there has been a lot of talk about success and redefining success.  Naturally, it got me thinking and asking myself over and over “what is success?”

Society seems to be saying success is results, desired results (whatever that may be for you).  In today’s need for immediate gratification and a sense of entitlement that you should have it all, is this end goal or result-oriented mindset what makes us feel unsuccessful? Not good enough? Unhappy?

I decided to take a long shot and go visit my old, wise and reliable law school friend, Black’s Law Dictionary for some answers.  Surprisingly, Black did have a definition for success.  Success is “reaching a goal.”

In downward dog, the doing is important.

In the midst of all my “what is success?” mind chatter, I came to an aha moment during the middle of my downward dog in yoga class.  Actually, when I was getting into and actively doing my downward dog, I realized that Black didn’t let me down in his definition of success.  Success is a journey!

In Black’s simple definition of “reaching a goal,” I had missed that success actually consists of two equal parts; first, the end destination or “goal” and second, the “reaching” or journey.

Success does not just equal wealth, respect, fame or a goal, but the action of getting, achieving, reaching or doing is also involved.  In other words, you need to take a trip to reach success.

There is no guarantee in any trip that it will be a good, great or successful one.  However, on the trip when whatever that can go wrong does go wrong, your attitude, awareness, engagement and conviction can turn any situation around to a positive and great growing experience — a successful personal journey.

Re-defining success.

All the second, third and even fourth career changes commonly seen around us today is perhaps a reflection of society realizing the dynamic meaning of success.

And all the more power to those ahead of the curve, taking non-traditional paths to their career goals and redefining what success looks like in new, flexible work models.

They are onto something!  Success involves a personal journey of transformation to arrive at one’s very own success.  Being actively engaged in the up’s and down’s of your trip to success will have success tasting much sweeter when you arrive at your destination.

As Arthur Ashe, the first black American tennis player to be ranked number 1 in the world, so wisely summed it up, “Success is a journey, not a destination.  The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

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