Meet FLEX Attorney Ruchi Kwatra

Last year, we kicked off our “Meet FLEX Attorney” series to hear directly from our attorneys how FLEX is working for them. In continuing this series, we interviewed Ruchi Kwatra to hear about her FLEX experience.
Ruchi has 6 years of experience as a technology transactions and IP litigation lawyer. Prior to joining FLEX, Ruchi founded Hangrybabies, LLC, which is a website that features recipes and products for babies and toddlers inspired by her now 2 year old twins. She also was an associate with Goodwin Proctor and began her career as a patent agent prior to law school. She earned a B.S. from University of Texas, Austin and her J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law.

Q: How did you first hear about FLEX?

Actually, the first time I heard about FLEX was through LinkedIn where I saw a FLEX role pop-up, and the description of the company seemed intriguing.

Q: Why did you decide to be a FLEX lawyer?

After working in BIG LAW for a few years in the SF Bay Area, and having my own company after that, I knew that I wanted to work in-house for one of the many tech companies offered in the Bay. Not only that, but as a new mother of twins, I was looking for something that would allow me to work flexibly. The opportunity to rotate between in-house tech companies, build lasting, significant networks, and be able to toggle between full-time, part-time, or off-periods – seemed like the right choice for me.

Q: What do you like about FLEX?

In the short time I have worked for FLEX, I have been able to work with big names in the tech space and it is important to me that FLEX has those types of relationships in order to provide me those opportunities.

Q: What has your FLEX experience been like?

AMAZING. Working for in-house tech companies like Twitter, for example, taught me more than I ever learned working for a big law firm. I grew both professionally and personally, and came away from that client with new knowledge.

Q: What does a typical work day look like for you?

Everyday has been different so far. Every company is different, but at least with the clients that I have worked with, I have been given significant responsibility to take ownership of and build relationships with different product teams and stakeholders. Many of my days were spent facilitating those relationships and having meetings with those individuals. Other times my day was spent thinking about Consumer Protection issues, Privacy issues, Contract Issues, and the list goes on. Not only that, but depending on the product I was advising on, many of those issues came into play differently.

Q: Was there anything that surprised you about being a FLEX lawyer?

I appreciate the level of support I receive from the FLEX team.

Q: What would you advise an attorney who’s thinking about joining FLEX?

Fully embrace the experience when you begin working for a client. Treat it as if you are a full time employee who is a part of the company, and trust me, you and your colleagues will have a much better experience.

Q: Finally, if you weren’t a lawyer, what do you think you’d be doing and why?

I think that I would be a serial entrepreneur.