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Being a GC, Not All Glamorous?

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For many lawyers, you’ve made it to the top of the legal food chain when you have reached the goal of becoming a GC.  Today, much of Big Law’s fate seems to be in the hands of GCs as legal departments hold beauty contests to hire law firms and demand steeper legal fee discounts and cost efficiencies.  GCs play a huge role within their company and it’s a big responsibility to be a GC.  GCs seem to hold all the power, as even my February blog on how to get GCs to like you (and of course, choose your legal services) benefited from a higher number of visitors than usual.

Becoming a LinkedIn Black Belt – Part 3 (Engaging With Your Network)

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Now that you’ve got a full LinkedIn presence – which not only means that you have a basic profile, but also that you’re employing advanced strategies to make it easy for others to find you by growing your network and enhancing your profile content – you’re in a great position to engage with others and take full advantage of the platform.

We’ll conclude this blog series with tips Read More

Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn: Building Your Network (Phase 2)

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Your goal should be to have at least 200 connections. If you’re thinking, “200?! How can I get that many?” never fear. We’re here to help.

First, if you haven’t already, add your personal contacts. LinkedIn makes it easy to upload contacts from your email address books. Also, check out the “People You May Know” section where you can easily ask Read More

Social Networking is Still Networking: Using LinkedIn More Effectively (The Basics)

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Not only is it ubiquitous (which I know because my technology-adverse mother, who’s never heard of Facebook, is on LinkedIn), it’s also the best tool for keeping in touch with (and keep tabs on) your professional network.

But LinkedIn can be hard to navigate, and even if you’ve managed to set up a profile, you may not be using it as effectively as you could. Read More