Branding for Lawyers? YES, You Have to!

Law is a People Business.

Your brand is all about focusing on the human connection.  Are we missing the mark on what drives the business of law?  That it’s a people business.

In this first month of 2016, we are already busy or overwhelmed trying to check off new year’s resolutions that are probably focused on self-improvements or self-enrichment, like losing 10 pounds or getting promoted.  In our practice, we are chasing after the next unicorn or trying to catch the wave of the next big break.

Yet, clients want to connect with the person, who is their lawyer.  Time and time again, in-house counsel panels and interviews echo that GC’s don’t hire law firms, proposals or promises, but instead they hire the lawyer.  In-house counsel want to trust an adviser who gets their legal needs and concerns.

Clients demand a legal partnership, a client-centric relationship and their expectations on client service are being set higher and higher for the legal profession, actually for the lawyer.

Make It Easy for Clients to Choose You

So, how can you become the chosen lawyer suitor for these relationship-hungry companies?  Branding.  You need to differentiate yourself from the many other lawyers (who may be just like you).

Credentials and an endless list of successful wins are great, but marketing or putting out there your legal victories doesn’t give a GC anything to connect with you as his or her very own legal adviser.  Potential clients need a reason to choose you.  So, give them one; one that shows whoyou are.

Getting into a relationship can be complex or confusing.  But building your client relationships doesn’t have to be.  You can make it simple.  Your brand is people connections.  Help clients realize that lawyers are people too.  You are an individual with not only the utmost professionalism and expertise, but also compassion.

You have sympathy and empathy.  You can ask yourself, “If I was the client, what would I want?” This client-centric thinking influences your decisions and how you treat your clients (and other lawyers), which in return builds your reputation and represents your values.  Your branding efforts have a direct effect as to why clients want to choose you as their lawyer.


Branding: It’s Not as Hard as You Think

Throughout the day, we are experiencing the branding efforts of others in our selective interactions and experiences.  For example, why do you walk out of your way every morning to order from the same coffee guy?  Or why do you choose to have that specific personal trainer or doctor or barber?

It’s not only because of the quality of service, but the genuine connection, engaging experience and honoring of your preferences and specific needs.  You feel assured that these service providers get you and therefore, you choose them!

So start putting yourself in your client’s shoes, showing him or her that you care.  Clients will gladly trust you and actively seek you out, appreciating the valuable relationship with you as their lawyer.  Brand yourself from the start of the new year, and experience the payoff from your satisfied clients throughout 2016 and many years to come.

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