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2017 Resolutions: Giving Back for Transactional Lawyers

By | Attorneys, Career Advancement
Earlier this month, I was at a large gathering of lawyers when the conversation turned to New Year’s resolutions.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many mentioned that their resolution (beyond the typical weight loss one!) for 2017 was to do more pro bono work.  In fact, several of them were intrigued by the FLEX by Fenwick model specifically because they would ideally like to serve private sector clients roughly 75% of the time and then be able to devote the rest of their time and energies to causes they are passionate about.

Being a GC, Not All Glamorous?

By | Attorneys, Building Your Skills
For many lawyers, you’ve made it to the top of the legal food chain when you have reached the goal of becoming a GC.  Today, much of Big Law’s fate seems to be in the hands of GCs as legal departments hold beauty contests to hire law firms and demand steeper legal fee discounts and cost efficiencies.  GCs play a huge role within their company and it’s a big responsibility to be a GC.  GCs seem to hold all the power, as even my February blog on how to get GCs to like you (and of course, choose your legal services) benefited from a higher number of visitors than usual.