2017 Resolutions: Giving Back for Transactional Lawyers

Earlier this month, I was at a large gathering of lawyers when the conversation turned to New Year’s resolutions.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many mentioned that their resolution (beyond the typical weight loss one!) for 2017 was to do more pro bono work.  In fact, several of them were intrigued by the FLEX by Fenwick model specifically because they would ideally like to serve private sector clients roughly 75% of the time and then be able to devote the rest of their time and energies to causes they are passionate about.

For litigators, pro bono opportunities abound – from smaller, direct service matters to large scale impact litigation in nearly any area you can think of.  But what about for transactional attorneys wanting to do good?  Here in the Bay Area, there are two excellent pro bono projects for corporate lawyers seeking opportunities to give back.

The first is the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Community Organizations Representation Project (CORP).  Through CORP, lawyers serve nonprofit organizations needing assistance with formation, tax, intellectual property, real estate, and labor and employment matters.  An attorney can either take on a discrete matter or can forge ongoing relationship with an organization.  To learn more, please contact 415-782-8973.

The second is Legal Services for Entrepreneurs (LSE), a project of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the Bay Area.  LSE serves low income entrepreneurs in economically distressed neighborhoods by providing them with formation, intellectual property, real estate and employment law advice.  LSE also runs clinics — another great way to help for lawyers who might have more limited availability.   For more information, please contact 415-5430-9444 ext. 217.

We wish you much success with all of your goals for 2017!

For more information about FLEX, please contact us at info@flexbyfenwick.com.