Meet FLEX Attorney Meredith Lobel-Angel

In our ongoing series meeting FLEX lawyers and hear how FLEX is working for them, we interviewed Meredith Lobel-Angel (shown with her 93-year-old mother, to whom she credits her career). Meredith is a Stanford University graduate 4 times over, with a Bachelors degree, two masters, and a JD. She has extensive experience in the entertainment and video-game market, and has been on multiple FLEX assignments.

Q: Why did you decide to join FLEX?

I joined FLEX because I just loved the idea of “flexible lawyering” and having the opportunity to work with dynamic and interesting companies.

Q: What do you like about FLEX?

I like everything about it! I feel so fortunate that there’s this great team at FLEX looking out for opportunities that suit me personally. It has provided me the luxury to work with the most incredible people. FLEX really enlarges your networking sphere in a way that you might not be able to do otherwise. For instance, before FLEX, I worked nearly exclusively with video game companies so I have many contacts in that world, but through FLEX, I was able to expand my work horizons and meet people outside my normal network.

Q: What has your FLEX experience been like?

It’s been great! I love to do transactions. Having been in the game arena for many years, it’s been fun to work with clients that are not in the same area and to learn about different business models from the inside. I found it extremely useful to take a look at indirect damages, direct damages and limitations of liability from the point of view of different business models, and to learn why different companies might take different positions. I have taken that knowledge back with me to games. It has been so enlightening!

Q: Was there anything that surprised you about being a FLEX lawyer?

The quality and level of the work I was given surpassed my expectations. When you enter a new environment and start learning more about the client, it’s fun to find additional areas where your skills can be contributed. For instance, at one client, none of us went into it thinking that my language skills would be an asset, but they were working on an EU-related project and my French language skills came in handy given I could read and analyze the regulations and work with the governmental authority on the regulatory filing in French. I experienced a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I was able to contribute in a way that was beyond what the client expected.  The same thing has happened in the commercial real estate area. My first “big firm” positions had placed me in the corporate and real estate areas and this background has been useful in my current FLEX assignment.

Q: What would you advise an attorney who’s thinking about joining FLEX? 

Don’t hesitate! FLEX is constantly looking for opportunities for you and the quality of the work is so high that you’ll end up learning a lot from the whole process. I referred a friend and she said the same thing. She was surprised that the work she was assigned was not at all “cookie cutter”. It’s intellectually stimulating and fascinating and that is what’s so compelling about FLEX.

Q: Finally, if you weren’t a lawyer, what do you think you’d be doing and why?

Oh! That’s such an interesting question! I don’t think I have anything else I’d rather be doing because I really enjoy my work and law can take you in so many interesting directions. Frankly, it is all thanks to my mother (she’s 93!) who told me to go to law school, take computer science (at a time this was not the norm) and learn about technology. She also introduced me to spreadsheets at an early age (though she did hers on green ledger paper when I was growing up). I am particularly lucky because I have been able to fold in my love of international work. Plus with FLEX, I get the flexibility to be a part of companies that are moving the world in new directions.